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Mar 1, 2021

Bobby Albert is the President of Values-Driven Leadership. He is the author of The Freedom Paradox, Principled Profits, and True North Business.

Today we spoke with Bobby shared his insights on leadership and the state of our country.

He Shared

How he came to know Christ as your savior.

Why he wrote The Freedom...

Feb 15, 2021

Pastors, God has commissioned you to make disciples.

God has gifted you to equip your church members for ministry.

And God has committed you to train up not one generation of leaders but to oversee the training of two additional generations of leaders.

But are you? Are you doing these things?

I know I have struggled to...

Feb 5, 2021

Often when we start a new project, when we begin to develop a new program, if we are lacking a certain ingredient, if we do not have one specific emotion, the project withers and dies.

But when we possess it we will see the project through.

This is Mark Jones the host of Coaching Christian Leaders and today I will share...

Jan 28, 2021

Matt Lombardi and Rachel Baird share their expertise on church staffing. Both are with Shaar.Work. Shaar is a platform that connects Christian freelancers and contractors with churches.

Shaar.Work is a wonderful resource for both small and large churches. 

I really do appreciate both Matt and Rachel taking the time...

Jan 18, 2021


What‘s stopping your church from fulfilling the Great Commission? What is stopping your church from sharing Christ with your community, building small groups or Sunday School classes, from staffing children’s ministries?

You might say, “I don’t have enough people. I’m boiled down to just a faithful few...