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Nov 21, 2016

It's one thing to point out a problem.  But it's another thing to offer the solution. Pastor Dave Dent is a pastor that offers solutions.  Dave is the Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries at Mid Atlantic Community Church in Davidsonville Maryland.  

His ministry focus is to shepherd people through life's difficulties, to connect people into discipleship relationships.  Today, in this interview, Dave shares the ministry of Celebrate Recovery and how Jesus, through the Beatitudes, provides solutions.

Dave has been married to Catherine Kellogg Dent since November of 1997.  He has three daughters and one son.  Dave has a heart for recovery, but he also loves the process of discipleship.

Dave Touched On

Primarily, Dave shared the ministry of Celebrate Recovery.  Celebrate Recovery was instrumental in Dave's personal recovery from addiction.  Since then God has used Dave in the Celebrate Recovery ministry.


Contact Info

Email Dave at:

What We Learned

I learned a great deal talking with Dave. Here are three things that stood out.

  1. I came away with a much better understanding of Celebrate Recovery and what this ministry can provide to the local church.
  2. Another takeaway is how inclusive Celebrate Recovery can be.  It is not just an addiction ministry. Celebrate Recovery can address other problems and it ministers to children and teens as well.
  3. I really appreciated Dave's insights into discipleship.  For years discipleship has been the call of the western church.  Dave shared some resources that will help you in your discipleship ministry.

Your Point of View

We would love for you to share your insights.  Maybe you have a background with Celebrate Recovery.  Please share your thoughts- what works and what doesn't.

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