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Aug 15, 2017

Over 14 years ago, Pastor Herb Reese noticed a void in the church. There was no lasting ministry to the widows, widowers, and single parents. So he created one - New Commandment Men's Ministries. 

New Commandment Men's Ministries helps churches recruit, train, and deploy teams of men to help widows, widowers, and single parents.

Herb and the ministry have been described in the monthly publications of Rev Magazine, Leadership Network, Promise Keepers, and Man in the Mirror.  It has been written about in Why Men Hate Going to Church and The Externally Focused Church. In addition, Focus on the Family, Moody Radio, and Daystar Television have broadcast programs about New Commandment.

Herb shared:

  • The origin of New Commandment
  • The purpose of the ministry.
  • And how to start your own.

Contact info:

You can email Herb at

You can learn more by visiting his website at


Please check out his book, Developing A Men's Team Ministry to Widows, Widowers, and Single Parents.

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