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Jul 18, 2017

God is working in Argentina. In a valley, not far from Cordoba, God is spreading the good news of His Son, Jesus. To accomplish this, He is using Tito and Adriana Ramirez. 

Tito and Adriana have an ambitious plan to plant 15 churches in the Punilla Valley of Argentina. The Punilla Valley is located west-northwest of Cordoba Argentina. 

Punilla Valley

Tito and Adriana Shared

  • Tito and Adriana share how the came to trust on Jesus Christ.
  • They share the steps that led them into missions.
  • They share the work God has called them to do.
  • They also share how you can get involved with the work in Argentina.

Contact Info

Please email Tito and Adriana at

Please support Tito and Adriana through pray and giving. For more information on giving you can contact Biblical Ministries Worldwide at

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